6 insider tips for creating quality online content

6 fail proof ways to gain more online clients


By Jana Sumich, COO of KIXXFIT

Do you feel like you see your clients more online than you do in person these days? 

You’re not alone. Across the globe, even as the world opens up again, health and fitness professionals are experiencing a new normal in the way they engage with their clients, and it’s no surprise that it has quickly become very, very digital. 

While you may be missing the days of purely face to face interactions, the opportunity online services could present to your business is massive. That’s largely because it’s a scalable income stream that doesn’t rely solely on your time, location and schedule constraints… put another way, this is the ultimate way to work! Think working by the poolside in Bali or Mexico… when you can eventually travel to get there!

It’s also a highly valuable tool for you to improve your existing client retention, allowing you to provide a differentiated service that impacts your clients lives, and helps them to achieve their health and fitness goals, even after they leave you in person.

But in order to enjoy the benefits of online, it’s essential that you are able to provide a high quality online service and experience, that complements the experience you provide in person. 

Sounds time consuming and expensive? Don’t worry. We have got your back. 

By taking on board some of our tips and tricks below, you’ll be able to use technology in a cost effective way, to fulfil your business’s online potential for your business and improve your client retention. 

1.Choose the right technology

This is a crucial first step and one that overwhelms a lot of people. One of the biggest mistakes coaches make though is choosing a technology that only considers THEM… and not what their clients actually want. Plus, they often underestimate the ongoing cost of building, maintaining and managing their own personal websites or apps as well, but that’s another story. 

So while building your own private website or application for your content might suit YOU really well (at least initially), consider whether it’s actually providing your clients with the ultimate experience. 

As an example, think about what technology you would use if you wanted to stream a movie online, or if you wanted to book some short term accommodation… yep exactly. You wouldn’t go to an individual’s website – Aint nobody got time for that! Instead, you would go to an aggregation platform… like KIXXFIT! 

KIXXFIT allows health and fitness professionals to easily grow their own online services, their way. By providing coaches with a dedicated platform for them to upload, feature and monetise their services, we take care of the technology, allowing you more time to focus on helping your clients achieve their health and fitness goals and growing your online service. 

You’re in full control of your content, brand, prices, and your own communities. 

2. Create an Online Community

Community is key. And online communities, if done right, can be just as powerful as in-person ones. With KIXXFIT, you can create your own online community within the Events feature. Think of it like your own exclusive in-app Facebook Group, that people pay a price, that you set to enter, with the added benefit of featuring all your sessions and with all the technical components being taken care of. 

Building an engaged community is key, so make sure you are regularly interacting with your clients and community. Write posts, make videos, answer questions etc. People like to feel included, so the social connection can be a form of accountability to keep clients on track as well. 

3. Retain in-person clients 

COVID-19 might have convinced you to go 100% online – sounds awesome right?! But while you build up your online services, we suggest that you continue to keep at least some of your one-on-one clients if you can. Often, your in-person clients will be more honest with you, providing you with valuable insight into what they want to see from you online, honest feedback on your programs, nutrition advice etc. This is GOLD, both for furthering your online AND offline services. Also, your in-person clients are your warmest leads to follow you online, encouraging their friends and family to do the same. 

4. Be prompt in your responses

No one likes to be left on “unread”… waiting days for a reply. Apply this to how you treat your clients when they reach out to you over message. Work out a schedule and set aside time each day to make sure no message has been left hanging. Inform your clients when you check your messages, so that they know what to expect and can feel more at ease, knowing that they will have to wait 12, 24 or 48 hours. Have a schedule, be prompt, and stick with it! No ghosting on your clients!

5. Seek feedback. 

Asking clients “how are you finding my KIXXFIT content” or “are there any videos in particular you would like me to upload onto KIXXFIT” – goes a long way in showing how much you value their feedback. Be open, receptive and listen to what they are saying. 

6. Bonus: Always think ahead 

When marketing your online business, it is important to plan ahead and take advantage of seasonal changes (warm to cold and vice versa), holidays (Christmas, New Years, Ramadan etc), events (marathons, sport training etc.) Create sessions, events or programs to assist people before, during and after these periods. But make sure you market well in advance, as these kinds of services can become “old news” very quickly. 


We hope this has been helpful. And as always, we are open to any comments / suggestions / questions on how we can improve our platform for you.