5 ways the fitness industry should provide online services as the world opens up

5 ways the fitness industry should provide online services as the world opens up


By Lorena Sumich, CEO and Co-Founder of KIXXFIT

We are starting to the see the light — the world is beginning to open up after the depths of coronavirus isolation and lockdowns. That means cafes are starting to serve customers again, yoga studios are opening their doors, and bootcamps are back in action.

Does that mean that the online services you probably only just started to nail, are now obsolete? No, not at all. In fact, recent studies have shown that the global community has actually found a new found love for online health and fitness services, and will likely stick at it after the immediate health crisis is over.

Companies who make this shift to digital and deliver superior experiences have an opportunity to increase adoption and maintain these customer relationships after the crisis.

But, while you know how to run an in-person-only business, and you have likely started to become accustomed to running a purely online business as well… doing them both at the same time…? Well that’s a whole new ball game!

Don’t know where to get started or what it could look like? At KIXXFIT, we got your back. That’s why we have prepared 5 way that you can easily integrate online into your business as the world opens up again.

  1. Expand your membership options to include online options. Not all members are going to return in-person — whether that be for health reasons or because their preferences have simply changed. While we believe that the best studios will definitely see their studios fill up again, it’s going to take time to build up to those levels again. That’s why it’s important to continue to provide online options for clients and members on an ongoing basis. However, the user experience you provide through your technology has to be exceptional for this to remain viable. You can’t rely on clunky websites and Facebook groups that consumers may have tolerated during the crisis. If you don’t have the experience or time to set up and maintain a compelling online subscription service and technology, then we got your back — It’s super simple with KIXXFIT!
  2. Offer both live and on-demand classes. While some clients (and trainers) love the live experience, you’re missing out on a large proportion of potential clients if that’s the only online service you’re providing. By recording your live classes, you can then offer them on-demand for those who couldn’t make it in person. Alternatively, creating dedicated on-demand classes can attract a higher per session pricing premium as the experience provided is better suited for on-demand consumption.
  3. Provide online services as a new marketing tool to convert more people to in-person clients. This is probably something you weren’t doing pre-Corona, but now it’s a powerful new marketing tool, right at your fingertips. By allowing people to engage with your business online, you’re giving them an insight into the kind of experience your business would provide in-person as well. Note that we don’t recommend using social media to provide this experience — consumers are simply not in the right frame of mind to truly engage when they are mindlessly scrolling through content. Plus you’re limiting your audience to those people who already know you on social media. KIXXFIT is the ideal place to provide this service as you not only benefit from the “cold traffic” within the app, but also provides a better experience for your clients. Plus, you get paid for your content too!
  4. Use online as a way to access people you would other never be able to access. If you were providing online classes during the pandemic, it’s likely that at least some of your clients were first-time clients who live outside your geographical area. For some, the geographical boundary for businesses they are happy to travel to could even be just a couple of kilometres away! By providing an online service, you’re allowing yourself to expand your client base beyond those who can physically make it in person. It also means you aren’t as restricted to in-person capacity numbers as well. Double boom!
  5. Use it to retain existing clients and provide them with more value. In such a highly competitive industry, it’s the little things that will give you edge to win over and retain customers. While some people may want to experience your business multiple times throughout the week or month, for a lot of people, they simply can’t afford that luxury. But by providing an online service that complements the in-person experience, you’re not only remaining relevant and engaged in their lives even after they leave you in person, but you’re enhancing the value they get when they see you in-person as well. It’s also a point of differentiation from your competitors as well, making it more likely to attract and more importantly, retain your customers in such a highly competitive industry.
  6. Go all in and build a completely online business. Sick of being shackled by rent, overheads, time, location and schedule constraints? You’re not alone. For some businesses who have absolutely nailed the service they provide online, in-person services are a thing of the past, and online is their entire future. While this takes time, dedication and focus to do, it’s definitely possible if done correctly and you keep things economically lean.

As the world begins to open up again, it doesn’t look the same as it did before — whether you like it or not, there is a “new normal” in the health and fitness industry – online, and it’s here to stay. Thankfully, you’re probably better prepared now for massive opportunity online services presents to your business, so adapt and adapt quickly to take advantage of it.

With KIXXFIT, we make setting up your own online service easy. With Coach accounts starting at just AU$11.99, it’s the perfect platform for you to grow your own online service, your way. Download the app from the App Store today, and feel free to get in contact if you want any more information.