We believe in accessible and affordable health and fitness for everyone. The KIXXFIT platform connects the best instructors across movement, nutrition and mindset to a large community of people passionate about fitness and well-being.

Users can stay fit and healthy on the go at an affordable price, while coaches can join the ultimate coaching community creating engaging digital content for the masses. Coaches can upload to their personalised channel specifically built for the health and fitness industry and earn an income from their content.

Unlock your bravery and KIXX-start your fitness journey today!

Access a world of health


Get moving with engaging workouts, classes and technique focused tutorials for the home or gym spanning across limitless fitness genres.


Create a winning mindset with a variety of amazing meditations and sleep tutorials as well as coaching and mindfulness sessions.


Fuel yourself to be workout ready with weekly meal planning guides, instructional recipes and tips to meet all your health and fitness goals.

User benefits


KIXXFIT is the place for users to unlock the expertise of awesome coaches and wellness experts, arming them with the tools to make lifestyle changes on their own terms. Users can stay fit and healthy on the go, keeping their mind, body and soul happy and ready to rumble for what life has in store.


Get access to high quality and engaging fitness and wellbeing content at an affordable price. KIXXFIT’s affordability and convenience makes it the perfect addition to your existing health and fitness memberships. KIXX-start your journey for free, or upgrade your subscription to view more amazing uploads from our coaches.


KIXXFIT is unique in its diverse and holistic approach to healthy living. It’s your one-stop shop for all things fitness and wellbeing! Access a variety of sessions across movement, mindset and nutrition for the ultimate workout experience.

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For every purpose

Be the coach


KIXXFIT provides coaches with access to a passive income stream when users view their content.

The sky’s the limit with how much you can earn on the KIXXFIT platform.

Training and support is provided to amplify the coach’s hard work and help them grow their channels.


Expand your reach beyond the gym. Don’t be limited by location, opening hours and scheduling constraints.

KIXXFIT coaches can access a global client base and scale their business beyond these traditional face-to-face approaches.


Access the global movement of clients wanting fitness and wellbeing content online, in an affordable, accessible and engaging way!

Coaches can now enhance their level of service by incorporating KIXXFIT into their offerings. That's because KIXXFIT allows coaches to provide their clients with fresh, online and totally mobile digital content in a way that compliments and enhances their existing and new client’s routines.

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